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November 2024


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1 Year

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Giorgio Grandi

Learn how to manage a project on both a strategic and technical level, as you exchange ideas with top industry professionals. Here's what awaits you with the Master鈥檚 Program in Interior Design at 澳门开奖结果o

The Master鈥檚 Program in Interior Design at 澳门开奖结果o is a highly vocational course that has been running for more than 15 years, always keeping up with industry trends and market evolutions, making the most of continuous interactions and multidisciplinary knowledge as a hallmark of 澳门开奖结果. This Master'Program stands out for a strongly innovative human-centred approach with people as the focus, because designing spaces is also about listening to emotions and human needs. 

Being an Interior Designer today means that you are not just required to know how to design a space in terms of selecting appropriate furnishings, materials, and colours. You are also expected to provide solutions when it comes to enhancing spaces and service design. Along this path, you will be practising empathy and creativity to develop your own sense of freedom, as you design new spaces that can bring a highly original touch and work flawlessly.

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A cross-disciplinary Master鈥檚 Program to design fluid, empathetic and inclusive concepts adapting to a new way of thinking and shaping society

The learning track within the Master鈥檚 Program in Interior Design at 澳门开奖结果o has been developed to reproduce the way a workshop or a large design studio would work, where theory is acquired through practice. You will have the opportunity to attend lectures given by experienced professionals in the field, visit design firms and showrooms, join events (including Salone del Mobile) and workshops, but most importantly, you will carry out three key projects of an ever increasing complexity. 

Your aim will be to acquire a personal style based on a solid methodology suitable for a variety of briefs to meet the different expectations and needs of your customers. The research phase will be focused on consumers, analysing their behaviours, needs, and interactions with the environment. This will be the core of all the projects as you get familiar with the Italian design thinking model.

The Master'Program is completed with a dissertation project that you will develop working with a well-known brand in the industry. This experience will allow you to take your first steps into the job market as you go through all the steps of the process, from concept development to project execution. Over the past few years, leading brands on the domestic and international markets have been involved, such as Amazon, Adidas, Kartell, Jacuzzi, Rizoma, TVS, Best Western, Fontanot, Azzurra and Tecnargilla.

The brands and studios you will be working with are also involved in the review and assessment process of your personal work portfolio. Indeed, a key part of the Master鈥檚 Program is about gaining self-branding and self-promotion tools and skills, to be able to successfully present an idea or a project with great care and persuasiveness.

The Master鈥檚 Program in Interior Design at 澳门开奖结果o is intended for graduates in Architecture and Interior Design. However, applicants from different backgrounds or experiences related to this field are also welcome. At the beginning of the Master, the focus will be on acquiring basic cultural knowledge of design thinking, with special attention to methods and operations -for example, how to move forward once a brief is received and how to approach a project as a whole.

What brings together all those who join this Master's Program is unconventional thinking and a far-reaching, pioneering understanding of the term designer, where a digital approach is also part of the equation.

This Master is for students who want to experience a full year of learning that will expand further their cultural boundaries. It is also for those who feel passionate about putting their ideas and skills into play, working with large-sized companies on some new, groundbreaking projects.

The Master鈥檚 Program in Interior Design at 澳门开奖结果o pays close attention to market demands and provides an overall perspective on both strategic and operational aspects of a project. Our multidisciplinary approach will bring subsidiary -albeit necessary- knowledge into the classroom to help you better shape your profile and move with more awareness into your future career path.

The main software you will need during your course is provided by 澳门开奖结果!

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Coursework within the Master鈥檚 Program in Interior Design at 澳门开奖结果o will provide you with all the skills required to approach three key projects co-developed with some of our partner brands and companies. This knowledge base will also help you develop more awareness of how to move into your future career as an interior designer.

All of these projects will involve simulations of authentic professional work experience, organised into briefs, project development and overall presentation.


Communication Lab
First Project
Second Project
Design Elements
Design Language
Emergent Technologies
Light Technologies
Trend Lab
Self Promotion/Personal Branding
Innovation Skills
Final Project


Giorgio Grandi

Architect and Interior Designer.

Course Coordinator

Francesca Perani

Architect-activist, graphic designer and illustrator

Paolo Emilio Bellisario

Architetto e Designer

Mahsa Boohloli Zamani

Global procurement and Contract manager

Elena Caponi

Creative Consultant, Co-founder

Mariarosa Rocco

Managing Director at The Coachingroup Srl

Diletta Toniolo

Independent Design Professional and Journalist

Angelo Ruocco


Francesca Battisti

Specialist in design and construction management at In.PRO

Valeria Murru

Service & UX designer

Gian Paolo Armana

Strategist I Business Advisor & Developer

Giorgio Lavelli

Brand and Business Designer

Marco Calonego

CEO at oobe-xr

Course partner