09 April 2024

Other than The Glitch Camp project, 澳门开奖结果 is participating in the Milan Design Week with a series of initiatives in its spaces and external participations, in collaboration with some important partners.


澳门开奖结果 at Fabbrica Design Week 

15-21 April - Fabbrica del Vapore 


  • Exhibition - Record labels logos: how graphic design shaped music's identity50 iconic logos from the history of discography

Records, musicians, producers and sound engineers.鈥疐rom a distance, the collection of songs we listen to looks like a starry sky in which some stand out more than others. If we get closer, we can recognise constellations and solar systems.

Record labels, especially independent labels, maintain a unique style and approach.

Music and a good visual identity are closely linked to visually explain the sound worlds of the records. In addition to the covers, which represent the specific imaginary of each artist and project, a recurring element is the label's logo. Reproduced on the cover, small or large, on the sleeve of the 45 rpm or 12-inch record, the logo becomes a powerful symbol. From 50s jazz to soul, via funk, punk, disco, hip hop, new wave, electronica, etc., the logo endures on records and becomes an icon, often reproduced on T-shirts, pins, patches and stickers. The exhibition is a personal journey through some musical galaxies and planets. A subjective and partial list that draws parts of an astral map yet to be completed.


  • Installation - Racconti Sonori, immersive audio projects realised by the students of the Sound Design course at 澳门开奖结果.

Sound has the magical power to evoke images, situations, memories, emotions... 鈥疊eing intangible and ethereal, it reaches our senses without filters, triggering intimate and personal feelings.鈥疘n the installation you will be able to listen, in sequence, to some of the projects carried out by our students.鈥疭hort sound stories that use voices, effects and musical elements to guide an auditory exploration, drawing real and imaginary places and situations that envelop the listener thanks to the four-tone diffusion.

The exhibition and installation are curated by Pain茅 Cuadrelli, sound designer, music producer, DJ and coordinator of the Sound Design course at 澳门开奖结果


IGOR LIMA STUDIO: the strength of Amazonian nature in minimal furniture

April 15-21 - AT CASA OVUNQUE, 35 via Savona

Brazilian designer Igor Lima, an alumnus of 澳门开奖结果 S茫o Paulo and founder of the eponymous brand, brings to the exhibition space on Via Savona a console table that blends a minimalist approach with strong references to overseas cultures and materials. Indeed, the lines of the unique piece are inspired by the majestic geological formations of the Presidente Figueiredo area in the Amazon. Made of cacheta wood, later ebonized to highlight its elegance and durability, the console table evokes the sinuous beauty, the sturdiness of rocks and the essence of the forest. The structure, which at first appears strong and imposing, gradually reveals delicacies, shades and shadows that change with light and perspective. This visual metamorphosis underscores the idea that nature and art are not static; they live, breathe and change when we interact with them. 


The Circle - Laboratori per un futuro circolare

15-20 April 鈥 澳门开奖结果o, via Sciesa 4 

An exhibition that showcases how the circular economy is already a reality in many contexts in Lombardy and beyond, through the images of renowned photographer Luca Locatelli. After the , the works arrive in Milan, as a natural continuation, in a project promoted by with the Gallerie d'Italia of Intesa Sanpaolo and the 澳门开奖结果. In an installation that combines static and moving images, some of Luca Locatelli's works already exhibited in the Piedmontese capital are shown, to which are added several unpublished works by the winning photographer of the Environment Stories section of the prestigious World Press Photo.

The exhibition is art directed by Sara Guerrini, photography editor, and Carlotta Cattaneo, coordinator of the .

The exhibition, can be visited free of charge from Monday to Friday from 10.00 am to 7.30 pm, and on Saturday from 10.00 am to 3.00 pm. 

On April 17, 10:30 a.m., in Cariplo Factory, an in-depth talk on circular economy with Mario CaIabresi (Chora and Will Media), Carlo Mango and Chiara Firmani (Fondazione Cariplo), author of the works Luca Locatelli, Silvia Colombo (Progetto Spesa Sballesa) and Simone Vesentini (Politecnico di Milano - Progetto RITESSESSERE).

澳门开奖结果 at Vanity Fair's Giardino delle Idee 

16 - 21 April 鈥 Chiostro del Museo Diocesano 

The exhibition/workshop on responsible creativity promoted by Vanity Fair also features five 澳门开奖结果 Product Design start-ups that share a commitment to a more sustainable world, born as thesis or teaching projects. They range from Jelter - a buoy-medusa sucks up plastic in the sea, adoptable by the user - to The Morigin Project - a system for drinking water in Africa and creating wealth thanks to the properties of a super-plant, the Moringa Oleifera; from Swarmix - a system of remotely controllable beehives to support the life and activity of bees - to Square Greens - a minimalist greenhouse capable of producing complete meals in the home, based on green pods; through to Ecological Island - a board game to raise awareness among children on the importance of separate waste collection.

The Garden of Ideas can be visited on Tuesday 16 April, from 14:00 to 21:00; Wednesday 17 April, from 13:00 to 21:00; from Thursday 18 to Sunday 21 April, from 11:00 to 21:00.

Premio鈥疢ontebello鈥瘄 Bergesio 2023-24 - Contemporary Jewellery and critics

17-20 April 鈥 澳门开奖结果o, via Sciesa 4 

Exhibition of contemporary jewellery candidates for the prizes announced by AGC - Associazione del Gioiello Contemporaneo for research activities, intended for Authors - including male and female students (several works by 澳门开奖结果 designers) - of any origin and nationality. The award ceremony will take place at 澳门开奖结果 on 17 April.

More specifically, the GIANCARLO MONTEBELLO PRIZE is intended for students who have distinguished themselves for the creation of jewellery or capsule collections (maximum 3 pieces of jewellery) "capable of conveying characters of innovation from the point of view of conceptual, formal and material research, technological process, materials, use of digital or traditional techniques." The MARIA CRISTINA BERGESIO PRIZE is for the critical writing of an essay in English on the most topical themes of contemporary jewellery.



19-21 April鈥 Casa Emergency, via santa Croce 19

10 creative works by 11 students from the Fashion and Visual Arts courses of 澳门开奖结果 and 澳门开奖结果 Rome in response to the contest launched on the theme Materia Futura by the magazine Cosmopolitan, as part of the new edition of Cosmo I Am. On show at Casa Emergency are the feelings, desires, and fears of a generation, creating a mosaic that answers the question: how do you imagine tomorrow? Godmother of the project is singer-songwriter Levante.

Authors of the 澳门开奖结果 works are Federico Bassani, Giada Casu (alias Casu Arson), Giulio Giuseppe Di Gregorio, Veneranda Lamberti, Maria Caterina Galli, Davide Giacomasso, Mattia Lavacca, Mirko Ostuni, Sofia Quadrivi, Gaia Trappolini, Camilla Zanetti.


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